Friday, April 24, 2009


We still can not believe it, but our house sold in a little less than 5 weeks. Today we found out that it passed inspection and is officially sold! God is good and obviously has a plan, because we could not even dream of things moving so quickly and smoothly. Now, we need to find a house! The buyers hope to close on our house by June 1, so we will be out of this house in a little over a month. I really hope the new family loves this house as much as we have :)

We are looking at ranch-style houses in the Wyoming/Grandville area. It seems like the ideal location to us, as it is near our church, the homeschool building, a new developmental center that will be Ellie's school, as well as being near my parents and other friends. We are looking for a house that has room for our growing family, as well as the option to modify for Ellie's needs (ramping and bathroom). Yeah, it sounds exciting to you, but when you know you will be homeless in a month, it is a little nerve-wracking! But so far God has shown us He is in control and has a good and loving plan for our family.

In other news, Ellie went into the hospital this week to have a spinal tap. They took her spinal fluid to test for neurotransmitters and also for a few disorders that show up that way. Some of those disorders are somewhat treatable, so we wanted to rule them out. It actually was not as bad as it sounds. We were really nervous about the procedure, but they ended up doing it without sedation and it took like 15 minutes tops. Ellie had no discomfort after it. So all in all a good experience.

So, we have been super busy with the house and the continuing care for Ellie. Time is just flying by! I am like 22 or 23 weeks pregnant now. Things are going really well. The baby is moving quite a bit and I am always reassured to feel the kicks. I feel fine and am enjoying the changes that pregnancy brings. The boys are excited to move, mostly because all the toys I packed away in the garage will be out and played with once more. But really, they don't seem to be concerned about the moving at all.

We have felt the loving and supportive arms of God through these busy times. He has a plan and we rest in that. Thanks for your continued prayers and we will keep you updated on the house-hunt and eventual moving!