Saturday, March 26, 2011

In like a lion, out like a lamb?

March started out rough for us, with Ellie again getting sick, this time worse than the others that she had this winter. I thought for sure it would be the one that would put us in the hospital. But, in true Ellie form, the fever broke right after I called her pediatrician, and she was on her way to health again, lol. The month also was rough with some nursing drama and administrative duties on my part, and I am glad to say we are on our way to health in those areas as well.

March has been a time of reflection for us as well. Ellie getting sick once again helped me come to the long-coming realization that I will probably not be able to continue homeschooling. It is still something we are struggling through, but things are pointing in the direction of the boys entering school in the fall. With Ellie's continuing high needs and appointments and care, the work of schooling has been falling to the wayside. We are starting to realize that in order to meet all the needs in the family we may need to change some of our plans for schooling. Please pray for us as we work through these issues.

March has also been a month of anticipation and planning. Next month Adam and I will be taking a trip to Florida, just the two of us. This will be our first solo vacation since our honeymoon. As you can imagine, planning this trip, with Ellie's needs and the boys' care, has been quite a job. But I am confident that the preparations will be worth it and it will be a great time of relaxation and bonding for me and Adam. Please pray for Ellie's health and well-being while we are away.

Through this month, we have been constantly reminded of God's unceasing love for us and his faithfulness. This many not have been the life we would have planned or chosen, but God has been good and reminds us that his love and plan never fails. To Him be the Glory.