Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010


We have had a super busy fall around here. Lots of fun with friends and family. What a blessing to be able to do so many activities with Ellie. But it is also a blessing to be able to do some things without her, thanks to our nursing coverage. Adam and I have been able to go out as a couple; we enjoyed our first night away since Ellie was born. We have also been out with friends and on a few dates as well. It has really helped us feel more normal. Nursing coverage has opened up new experiences for the boys too. They are a part of a homeschool co-op this year, and Ellie is able to stay home with a nurse. The boys are learning a lot, and Ellie is able to do her PT and daily routine. It is really nice for all of us. I do not regret the years I took care of her with no help, as we bonded a lot and I felt very confident in her care. But I am also grateful that we decided to pursue nursing help, as it has helped us achieve new goals in our lives too :)