Thursday, August 19, 2010


Well, we passed another milestone we never thought we would reach: camping with Ellie! Last week we went to Family Camp with our church. It was a great week for our family.

Camping is something I never thought would be possible with Ellie. She has so much equipment, we worried about what we would do in case of emergency, we worried about the weather, we thought she was just too much work to take along. But over the past years and months, Ellie has proven to be stronger that we ever thought she would be, and her care is much less of a burden than it ever was. So we took the plunge and went camping!

We were able to borrow a camper that had A/C and pretty deluxe accommodations. We camped near friends that loved us and helped us in many ways. And there were friends everywhere to keep the boys occupied and entertained.

Our first camping trip: a success! We can't wait to go again :)

More photos are hosted on Facebook (public)